Senate Intelligence Committee Releases Report on Bush-Era Torture.


As I’m sure everyone is aware by now, last night the Senate intelligence Committee released a summary of a 6,000 page report on the “enhanced interrogation techniques” (commonly known as “torture” to the other 6 billion people on planet Earth) used by the CIA under the Bush Administration post 9/11. No one expected it to be pretty, but at least one large demographic in the U.S. was expecting it to reveal how enhanced interrogation protected Americans at home and abroad by stopping terrorist attacks before they happened, providing intel on enemy combatants and leaders, and (most importantly) discovering the location of 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden.

It turns out, America accomplished three things (and only three things) by torturing terrorists and suspected terrorists: we fueled their recruitment drive by giving them a very good reason to hate us, we lowered our standing with the rest of the world, and we demoralized our own people by forcing them to brutalize other human beings. Torturing enemy combatants and suspected terrorists gained us nothing. President Bush approved the use of – as you’ll soon read below – these disgusting techniques in August of 2002, and went through the remainder of his first term in the dark as to how exactly the CIA was carrying out the interrogations. The same, unfortunately, could not be said for his second term – by 2006, he was well aware of what was going on. Despite saying otherwise, torture never protected Americans at home or abroad, nor did it help us capture any high value targets whatsoever, including Osama Bin Laden. Continue reading


Supreme Court Denies BP’s Challenge to Settlement Agreement.

BP Spill


Anyone else remember the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? You know, the largest environmental disaster in the history of the United States? The one caused by BP (British Petroleum), an oil company headquartered in London?

I’m sure you do. I remember watching as, day after day, crude oil rushed out of the ocean floor by the hundreds of gallons, blanketing a pretty large portion of the Gulf of Mexico in Satan’s home-brewed death juice and doing damage to the ecosystem that is sure to take decades to reverse. There’s a good chance I’ll die before the gulf is ever cleaned up completely. Continue reading

Not-At-All-Racist Right Wing Media FURIOUS That Black Men Killed A White Cop.

This article was found at the wonderful site “Left Wing Nation” and has been re-posted here with permission from its author, Justin Rosario. After all of the protests last night over the Eric Garner grand jury decision – protests that are sure to continue over the weekend – I found this article both insightful and well-timed. If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen the memes floating around Facebook from you right-wing friends DEMANDING to know why black criminals killing white innocents aren’t making national news or drawing protesters. This article blows that ridiculous talking point completely out of the water. Read on!

Angry-man-001 Continue reading

Protests Happening All Across America Over Police Brutality.

All across the United States tonight, thousands of protesters are taking to the streets to voice their concerns over the increased militarization of the police force, general police brutality, and the rising body count of innocent men and women at the hands of a law enforcement agency that is supposed to protect and serve, not terrorize and execute. Continue reading

The GOP and Their Complicated Relationship with Government.

gop view of systemImage found at Jobsanger

I’m sure you’ve all dealt with someone like this over the past few weeks, particularly with the recent trio of ridiculous grand jury decisions. Apparently, the government is a broken system that can’t do anything right, but when it comes to the militarization of the police force, state sponsored executions, deportations, and other crimes against humanity, the government is doing exactly what it needs to be doing, with absolutely no need to examine said processes. Continue reading

Injustice Runs Rampant.

So I’m sitting here desperately trying to figure out the words that I am going to write that will accompany this video, and I can’t help but think, “Do I really need to write anything? Doesn’t this video speak for itself?” I could go into the background of the case a little bit, maybe tie it in with the Michael Brown case or the John Crawford III shooting since both of those grand juries also failed to indict the police officer(s) responsible for their deaths. Or I could use this post as a way to call out the ignorant among us arguing that these men all deserved to die due to their behavior at the time of their confrontation with their respective officers and due to their past missteps. To be fair, I don’t need to waste my time calling anyone out – if you truly want to see our most ignorant citizens in action, I’ll just save everyone time and point you all in the direction of the comment section of any news article dealing with these cases. Continue reading